Heriberto Cerutti

Functional Genomics, Epigenetics, RNA Interference, Genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9), Biotechnology Biofuels

Tom Clemente

Biotechnology, Lipids, Crop yield, Product quality, Stress resistance

Huijing Du

Mathematical biology, Computational and systems biology, Multi-scale modeling, Ecological modeling, Cancer treatment, Microbial ecology, Stem cells, Climate resilience

Hernan Garcia-Ruiz

Plant-Virus interactions, Genomics, Bioinformatics,Gene Silencing, Antiviral defense, Virus genomics

Yufeng Ge

Biological Systems Engineering, Imaging, Plant Phenotyping

Saet-Byul Kim

Plant-microbe interactions, plant immunity, disease susceptibility, fungal pathogen

Joe Louis

Plant Stress Biology, Plant Signaling Mechanisms, Plant-Insect Interactions, Plant Molecular Biology, Induced Defenses, Insect Effectors

Amit Mitra

Transformation of recalcitrant plants, Transgenic approach for plant disease resistance, Production of Bioactive Peptides in plants, CRISPR, Agrobacterium, Non-Rhizobial nodule bacteria for disease resistance

Jeff Mower

Plant Genomics, Mitogenomics, Plastid genomics, Phylogenetics molecular evolution, Evolutionary Genomics

Toshihiro Obata

Primary metabolism Metabolomics Plant, Metabolic Flux, Abiotic Stress, Metabolic Diversity

Rebecca Roston

Biochemistry, Membranes, Redox, Plant Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology

Sabrina Russo

Plant Ecology, Biodiversity, Ecological Modeling, Plant-microbe interaction

James Schnable

Quantitative Genetics, High Throughput Phenotyping, Genomics, Genotype to Phenotype, Maize, Sorghum

Shaonpius Mondal

Vector biology, Virus-host-vector interactions, Plant virology, Entomology, Metagenomics, Vector and virus management, Wheat curl mite, Aphid.

Karrie Weber

Environmental microbiology, Biogeochemistry, Environmental science, Microbial ecology, Geomicrobiology

Rich Wilson

Plant Pathology, Molecular plant-fungal interactions, Fungal metabolism, Fungal physiology, Plant innate immunity, Molecular genetics