Craig Allen

Ecology, Invasive Species, Resilience

Daniel Ciobanu

Genetics, Genomics, Viral disease resistance, Animals, QTL Mapping

Jennifer Clarke

Statistics, Predictive methods, Deep learning, Bioinformatics, Forensic science, Plant phenotyping

Huijing Du

Mathematical biology, Computational and systems biology, Multi-scale modeling, Ecological modeling, Cancer treatment, Microbial ecology, Stem cells, Climate resilience

Samodha Fernando

Microbial ecology, virome, Microbiome, Antibiotic resistance

Tomas Helikar

Network modeling, Computational and systems biology, Systetms immunology, Genome-scale metabolic models, Mutli-scale modeling, Software development

Etsuko Moriyama

Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Molecular Evolution, Chemoreceptor, Protein functions

Toshihiro Obata

Primary metabolism Metabolomics Plant, Metabolic Flux, Abiotic Stress, Metabolic Diversity

Hasan Otu

Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Omic Analysis, Biomarker Discovery, Network Science Bayesian Networks

Massimiliano Pierobon

Molecular Communication and Information Theory, Genetically Engineered Systems, Nano-Bio Network Engineering

Robert Powers

Metabolomics, Structural biology, Drug discovery and disease diagnosis, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy) bioinformatics, chemometrics and computational chemistry bioanalytical chemistry

Rajib Saha

Systems Biology, Systems Biomedicine, Synthetic Biology, Metabolic Engineering, Non-Model Bacteria, Microbial Ecosystem Modeling

Hyun-Seob Song

Computational Biology, Microbiomes, Microbial Interactions, Metabolic networks, Machine learning, Ecological theory

Jennifer Wood

Ovarian biology, Obesity, Female fertility, Development

Yanbin Yin

Bioinformatics, Genomic data mining, Genome Evolution, Carbohydrate Enzymes, Bacteria-Phage Interaction, Evolutionary Genomics

Tianjing Zhao

Statistical Genetics, Quantitative Genetics, Data Science, Machine Learning