Degree Requirements

We maintain the same high standards as all of UNL’s graduate programs. Learn more about UNL’s Doctoral Degree Milestones from the Office of Graduate Studies.

Key Milestones

First year:
  • Select a lab from your rotations
  • Form a Supervisory Committee and identify Dissertation Readers
  • Finalize your Program of Study with feedback from your Supervisory Committee
  • Meet annually with your Supervisory Committee
  • Complete your Comprehensive Exam and Apply for Candidacy
Final year:
  • Write your Dissertation and submit it to your Readers
  • Schedule your Defense after approval from your Readers
  • Submit your Application for Final Oral Exam (Dissertation Defense)
  • Submit your Dissertation to your Supervisory Committee
  • Defend your Dissertation during your Final Oral Exam
  • Finalize your Dissertation and submit it to the Office of Graduate Studies
  • Commencement and Hooding