Program of Study

required coursework

CBIO 841 Biosystems Research I: Big Questions (3 credits)
CBIO 842 Biosystems Research II: Integrating Quantitative and Computational Biology into Life Sciences Research (3 credits)
CBIO 843 Graduate Seminar: Research presentations by faculty and students (1 credit per seminar; all semesters of study)
CBIO 844 Professional Development (1 credit)
STAT 801 A or B Statistical Methods in Research (4 credits)
LIFE 891 Special Topics: Introduction to Biotechnology Core Facilities and Research Methods (2 credits)
Research credits from the advisor’s department

Graduate Handbook

Graduate Handbook

elective courses

Your final program of study will be unique to your degree and will include elective courses you and your advisor choose together and your Supervisory Committee approves. Each specialization has specific requirements for elective courses—please see each specialization website for details.

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