Mike Adamowicz

Forensic, DNA , Virome, Mixture

Craig Allen

Ecology, Invasive Species, Resilience

Jennifer Auchtung

Microbiome, Microbial ecology, Microbial pathogenesis, Antibiotic resistance, Host-microbe interactions

Donald Becker

Redox metablolism, Enzyme mechanisms, Flavin, Redox signaling, Proline

Andy Benson

Microbiome, Gut Health, Population Genomics, High-Throughput Phenotyping, Genome Evolution

David Berkowitz

Mmechanistic enzymology, Chemical biology, Nneuronal signaling, Enzyme inhibitors, Chemical synthesis, PLP enzymes

Nicole Buan

Microbial Prediction, Metabolic Engineering, Biochemistry, Microbiome, Bioenergy

Heriberto Cerutti

Functional Genomics, Epigenetics, RNA Interference, Genome editing (CRISPR/Cas9), Biotechnology Biofuels

Daniel Ciobanu

Genetics, Genomics, Viral disease resistance, Animals, QTL Mapping

Jennifer Clarke

Statistics, Predictive methods, Deep learning, Bioinformatics, Forensic science, Plant phenotyping

Tom Clemente

Biotechnology, Lipids, Crop yield, Product quality, Stress resistance

Andrea Cupp

Ovarian microenvironment, Spermatogonia stem cells, Androgen excess, Anovulation, Functional genomics of infertility, Animal models, Ovary, Testis, Excess androgens, VEGFA, conditional KO mice, Anovulation

John DeLong

Modeling, Climate Change, Predator-prey

Huijing Du

Mathematical biology, Computational and systems biology, Multi-scale modeling, Ecological modeling, Cancer treatment, Microbial ecology, Stem cells, Climate resilience

Hernan Garcia-Ruiz

Plant-Virus interactions, Genomics, Bioinformatics,Gene Silencing, Antiviral defense, Virus genomics

Samodha Fernando

Microbial ecology, virome, Microbiome, Antibiotic resistance

Sheri Fritz

Aquatic ecology, Paleoecology, Tropical South America, Climate change

Yufeng Ge

Biological Systems Engineering, Imaging, Plant Phenotyping

Edward Harris

Scavenger Receptor, Stabilin, Liver, Endothelial Cell, Herparin, Hyaluronan

Tomas Helikar

Network modeling, Computational and systems biology, Systetms immunology, Genome-scale metabolic models, Mutli-scale modeling, Software development

Jacques Izard

Microbiome, Diet, Wellness, Food Sensitivities, disease

Oleh Khalimonchuk

Mitochondrial biochemistry, Metabolism, Aging, Neurodegeneration, Protein homeostasis, Model organisms

Srivatsan Kidambi

Biomimetic Disease models, Liver Fibrosis, Disease and Metabolism, Drug Delivery-Gene delivery, protein and vaccine, Cancer Tissue Engineering Disease in a dish

Forrest Kievit

Nanomedicine, MRI, Traumatic brain injury, Drug delivery, Brain cancer, Neurodegeneration

Saet-Byul Kim

Plant-microbe interactions, plant immunity, disease susceptibility, fungal pathogen

Jaekwon Lee

Metabolism, Redox biochemistry, Mineral, Nutrient, Metabolic disease, Cell signaling

Qingsheng Li

HIV-1, Immunopathogenesis, Vaccine

Lindsey Crawford

host-pathogen interactions, virology, immunology, biochemistry, stem cells

Joe Louis

Plant Stress Biology, Plant Signaling Mechanisms, Plant-Insect Interactions, Plant Molecular Biology, Induced Defenses, Insect Effectors

Dustin Loy

Antimicrobial resistance, Clinical microbiology, Host-pathogen interactions

Colin Meiklejohn

Genetics, Evolution, Transcriptomics, Drosophila, Spermatogenesis

Amit Mitra

Transformation of recalcitrant plants, Transgenic approach for plant disease resistance, Production of Bioactive Peptides in plants, CRISPR, Agrobacterium, Non-Rhizobial nodule bacteria for disease resistance

Etsuko Moriyama

Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, Molecular Evolution, Chemoreceptor, Protein functions

Jeff Mower

Plant Genomics, Mitogenomics, Plastid genomics, Phylogenetics molecular evolution, Evolutionary Genomics

Francisco Muñoz-Arriola

Resilience, Complexity Science, Extreme Events,Food-Energy-Water Ecosystem Services, Natural-Human Systems, Climate-resilient Systems

Toshihiro Obata

Primary metabolism Metabolomics Plant, Metabolic Flux, Abiotic Stress, Metabolic Diversity

Hasan Otu

Bioinformatics, Systems Biology, Omic Analysis, Biomarker Discovery, Network Science Bayesian Networks

Angela K. Pannier

Gene Therapy, Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells, Vaccines

Jessica L. Petersen

Functional genomics, Cattle genetics, Horse genetics, Population genetics, Gene expression, Stress biology

Massimiliano Pierobon

Molecular Communication and Information Theory, Genetically Engineered Systems, Nano-Bio Network Engineering

Kevin Pope

Complex Social-ecological Systems, Inland Fisheries, Fishery Management, Recreational Fisheries, Quuatic Ecology, Human-Fish Interactions

Robert Powers

Metabolomics, Structural biology, Drug discovery and disease diagnosis, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy) bioinformatics, chemometrics and computational chemistry bioanalytical chemistry

Amanda Ramer-Tait

Host-microbiome interactions, Microbiome, immunology, Inflammation, Disease, Diet

Jay Reddy

Immunology, Autoimmune diseases, Heart disease, Vaccine research, Immune mediated diseases, Mouse models of inflammatory diseases

Rebecca Roston

Biochemistry, Membranes, Redox, Plant Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology

Sabrina Russo

Plant Ecology, Biodiversity, Ecological Modeling, Plant-microbe interaction

Rajib Saha

Systems Biology, Systems Biomedicine, Synthetic Biology, Metabolic Engineering, Non-Model Bacteria, Microbial Ecosystem Modeling

Khalid Sayood

Bioinformatics, Neuroscience, Information Theory, Data Compresssion,

James Schnable

Quantitative Genetics, High Throughput Phenotyping, Genomics, Genotype to Phenotype, Maize, Sorghum

Nicole Sexton

Arthropod-borne virus evolution, virus-host interactions, mosquito immunology

Shaonpius Mondal

Vector biology, Virus-host-vector interactions, Plant virology, Entomology, Metagenomics, Vector and virus management, Wheat curl mite, Aphid.

Daizaburo Shizuka

Behavioral ecology, Networks, Evolution

Greg Somerville

Microbial physiology, Metabolism, Bacteria, Fermentation processes, Pathogenesis

Hyun-Seob Song

Computational Biology, Microbiomes, Microbial Interactions, Metabolic networks, Machine learning, Ecological theory

Matthew Spangler

Quantative Genetics, Genomic Prediction/Selection, Animal Genetics

Jay Storz

Evolutionary genetics, Protein evolution, Evolutionary genomics, Evolutionary physiology

James Van Etten

Giant Viruses, Algal Infecting Viruses

Rebecca Wachs

Biomaterials, Neural engineering, Immunomodulation, Orthopedics, Low back pain, Tissue engineering

Karrie Weber

Environmental microbiology, Biogeochemistry, Environmental science, Microbial ecology, Geomicrobiology

Matthew Wiebe

Molecular Virology, Functional Genomics, Signal trasnduction

Mark Wilson

Structural Biology, Redox Biology, X-ray Crystallography, Protein Dynamics, Neurodengeneration, Microbial Stress Response

Rich Wilson

Plant Pathology, Molecular plant-fungal interactions, Fungal metabolism, Fungal physiology, Plant innate immunity, Molecular genetics

Jennifer Wood

Ovarian biology, Obesity, Female fertility, Development

Yanbin Yin

Bioinformatics, Genomic data mining, Genome Evolution, Carbohydrate Enzymes, Bacteria-Phage Interaction, Evolutionary Genomics

Janos Zempleni

Drug Delivery, Exosomes, Extracellular Vesicles, Human Nutrition, Infants, RNA

Limei Zhang

Redox Stress Response, Bacterial Pathogen, Structural Biology, Metal-Binding Protein,Transcriptional Regulation System Biology

Luwen Zhang

Viral pathogenesis, Brain disease, COVID-19, Multiple sclerosis, Stem cells

Tianjing Zhao

Statistical Genetics, Quantitative Genetics, Data Science, Machine Learning