Mike Adamowicz

Forensic, DNA , Virome, Mixture

Jennifer Auchtung

Microbiome, Microbial ecology, Microbial pathogenesis, Antibiotic resistance, Host-microbe interactions

Donald Becker

Redox metablolism, Enzyme mechanisms, Flavin, Redox signaling, Proline

David Berkowitz

Mmechanistic enzymology, Chemical biology, Nneuronal signaling, Enzyme inhibitors, Chemical synthesis, PLP enzymes

Nicole Buan

Microbial Prediction, Metabolic Engineering, Biochemistry, Microbiome, Bioenergy

Daniel Ciobanu

Genetics, Genomics, Viral disease resistance, Animals, QTL Mapping

Andrea Cupp

Ovarian microenvironment, Spermatogonia stem cells, Androgen excess, Anovulation, Functional genomics of infertility, Animal models, Ovary, Testis, Excess androgens, VEGFA, conditional KO mice, Anovulation

Samodha Fernando

Microbial ecology, virome, Microbiome, Antibiotic resistance

Edward Harris

Scavenger Receptor, Stabilin, Liver, Endothelial Cell, Herparin, Hyaluronan

Oleh Khalimonchuk

Mitochondrial biochemistry, Metabolism, Aging, Neurodegeneration, Protein homeostasis, Model organisms

Srivatsan Kidambi

Biomimetic Disease models, Liver Fibrosis, Disease and Metabolism, Drug Delivery-Gene delivery, protein and vaccine, Cancer Tissue Engineering Disease in a dish

Forrest Kievit

Nanomedicine, MRI, Traumatic brain injury, Drug delivery, Brain cancer, Neurodegeneration

Jaekwon Lee

Metabolism, Redox biochemistry, Mineral, Nutrient, Metabolic disease, Cell signaling

Lindsey Crawford

host-pathogen interactions, virology, immunology, biochemistry, stem cells

Dustin Loy

Antimicrobial resistance, Clinical microbiology, Host-pathogen interactions

Angela K. Pannier

Gene Therapy, Tissue Engineering, Stem Cells, Vaccines

Robert Powers

Metabolomics, Structural biology, Drug discovery and disease diagnosis, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy) bioinformatics, chemometrics and computational chemistry bioanalytical chemistry

Amanda Ramer-Tait

Host-microbiome interactions, Microbiome, immunology, Inflammation, Disease, Diet

Jay Reddy

Immunology, Autoimmune diseases, Heart disease, Vaccine research, Immune mediated diseases, Mouse models of inflammatory diseases

Nicole Sexton

Arthropod-borne virus evolution, virus-host interactions, mosquito immunology

Greg Somerville

Microbial physiology, Metabolism, Bacteria, Fermentation processes, Pathogenesis

Rebecca Wachs

Biomaterials, Neural engineering, Immunomodulation, Orthopedics, Low back pain, Tissue engineering

Matthew Wiebe

Molecular Virology, Functional Genomics, Signal trasnduction

Mark Wilson

Structural Biology, Redox Biology, X-ray Crystallography, Protein Dynamics, Neurodengeneration, Microbial Stress Response

Janos Zempleni

Drug Delivery, Exosomes, Extracellular Vesicles, Human Nutrition, Infants, RNA

Limei Zhang

Redox Stress Response, Bacterial Pathogen, Structural Biology, Metal-Binding Protein,Transcriptional Regulation System Biology